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Garlic Gold

Garlic Gold

Organic Crunchy, Garlic Perfection is Simply Heaven-sent

Garlic GoldWhat started as an itch for entrepreneurship and a love for garlic at an organic ranch in California’s scenic Ojai Valley became a growing and wildly popular business in hand-crafted, artisanal, gourmet garlic food products.  Business partners and friends, Brian Chossek and Rinaldo Brutoco, launched Seven Oaks Ranch, the proud manufacturer of Garlic Gold USDA certified organic food products.  Since Garlic Gold hit the shelves of markets in 2003, Founder and CEO, Rinaldo, and President, Brian, could not be happier with where their business is today.  Garlic Gold is in the kitchen of America’s hottest chef, Emeril Lagasse, who buys Garlic Gold and blogs about it.  Numerous other celebrities and famous foodies are also fans of Garlic Gold.  All products are hand-crafted and made in their USDA certified organic kitchen in Ventura, CA.  Having been featured in numerous publications, blogs and more, Garlic Gold is striking it rich with its outstanding organic products.  Unlike other garlic convenience products such as garlic in a jar, garlic in oil, and minced garlic that fails to live up to its name, Garlic Gold offers convenience, quality and the real deal when it comes to garlic.

Garlic GoldBrian and Rinaldo spent several years working and discussing their business proposal before creating Seven Oaks Ranch.  They both wanted a business that would have responsibility in contributing more to society than simply making a profit as they were both passionate about starting a company that would benefit the people who worked for it.  That idea became a reality when an eight grade economics class project for Rinaldo’s son, Orion, and his classmates launched a start-up that turned into a real business.  With imagination and lots of work, the students took Rinaldo’s coveted recipe for a unique, homemade garlic condiment of hand-crafted, crunchy, toasted garlic nuggets in first cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, and hand bottled and labeled them.  Rinaldo, his son, and the students opened a farmer’s market stand, which led to rave reviews—“It’s Crunchy!”  Hence, they saw a market for great, organic, good for you food.  Brian does not have a culinary background but his partner, Rinaldo, is a foodie and has been a chef for many years.  They chose the mission, "creating meaningful opportunities for individuals," and started the company to make good for you natural and organic products.  After several months of development, Garlic Gold launched at the Natural Products Expo in March 2003.

Garlic Gold is unique and different from other garlic oils, spices and flavorings on the market because there is no other product quite like theirs.  Brian shares, “what people tell us most are that they love the crunch of our garlic, the simple deliciousness of them with just garlic and organic extra virgin olive oil as a base, which can make any meal a whole new experience in a matter of minutes.”  Most foodies and chefs would die before using jarred garlic products or minced garlic because of its inedible quality resulting from the tartness of citric acid or its raw, pungent nature.  But Garlic Gold is a miracle because its prepared garlic products are exactly what chefs would create in their own kitchens, and tastes amazing.  Reducing prep time in the kitchen from mincing and toasting garlic, this product line has forever changed the idea of prepared garlic.  Most importantly, Garlic Gold believes that organic foods are important in helping eliminate toxic chemicals in foods and environment, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and providing food that tastes better the way it naturally should.  Be sure to visit Garlic Gold online ( for over 100 gourmet garlic recipes, contributed by foodie blogs, which contain the best garlic ingredients from Garlic Gold.

Garlic GoldThe item that started it all is the simple yet God sent Garlic Gold.  The unforgettable Garlic Gold is made of toasted crunchy organic garlic mixed with organic extra-virgin olive oil.  The crispy toasted bits of garlic pack delicious garlicky goodness with a satisfying crunch while the extra-virgin olive oil is quality you can taste.  Such a versatile condiment that can be drizzled on bread before toasting or grilling for easy and delicious garlic bread, or spooned atop pastas, vegetables, steaks, fish, and more.  “They're absolutely delicious, unique, organic, good for you and have been around the longest,” adds Brian.  Garlic GoldThe original Garlic Gold is available in small 3.75 ounces, large 6.4 ounces or quart size.  The oil used in Garlic Gold is so distinct that their olive oil has been widely recognized as the finest tasting garlic-infused organic extra-virgin olive oil on the market and is one of their most popular items.  Garlic Gold Oil is a subtle, unique oil great for sautéing, stir-frying, or as a bread dip.  Infused with organic garlic, this oil cuts out one less step for those who normally stir fry or brown garlic with olive oil first as it already provides the garlic flavor.  Its robust garlic essence adds rich flavor to roasted and fried potatoes, roast chicken, grilled meats, vegetables and more.  This organic garlic olive oil is a healthy, delicious substitute for butter that provides better flavor and taste.

Garlic GoldIn second place is Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, which is their best selling salad dressing.  Their Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette is delicious for any vinaigrette lover and a great choice for those who dislike vinegar since this dressing is vinegar-free.  Having bolder Italian and zestier lemon flavors made with Garlic Gold oil, organic Meyer lemon juice, Garlic Gold nuggets, sea salt, pepper and spice blends, this is perfect on salads, vegetables or as a marinade for just Garlic Goldabout anything.  This vinaigrette delivers bright, citrus flavor without tartness and acidity.  Their new and improved version uses only extra-virgin olive oil instead of an oil blend, providing the rich nutty olive oil flavor that equates with quality.  Another fabulous dressing we recommend is the Garlic Gold Red Wine Vinaigrette.  Made with Garlic Gold oil, imported organic red wine vinegar, sea salt, pepper and organic Italian seasoning blend, this is splendid with all salads and a great marinade for chicken and fish.  For those who prefer the tartness of vinegar, this vinaigrette is just right without overpowering as it delivers flavor and zest.

They branded their business Garlic Gold after a lot of discussions and market feedback. Since the crunchy little nuggets of garlic had a golden color, people always commented its hue.  “Often, they would say it is garlic gold to show that it was better than other garlic products they tasted before,” Brian says.  Eventually, as the name caught on with the eighth grade students and gained acceptance with consumers, Garlic Gold was born.  Garlic Gold sources their certified organic garlic, oils, vinegar and seasonings from around the globe and creates all of their unique products by hand, taking great care to do so.  They believe in taking care of their own by providing jobs that offer living wages, health insurance and benefits.  “Our mission is to create meaningful opportunities for individuals in a company where corporate responsibility, sustainability and integrity are considered the legitimate precursors to profit,” Rinaldo adds. 

Garlic GoldAnother one of their best selling items are the Garlic Gold Nuggets.  The original Garlic Gold Nuggets are hand-made bits of toasted, sweet, mild and crunchy organic garlic, that makes for a great sodium free alternative because it delivers more flavor to anything, including salads, pizza, pasta, potatoes, popcorn, and more.  Giving more flavor to what you eat without adding sodium or monosodium glutamate.  While the Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets is their most popular flavored nugget, Brian says, “It's really just a matter of what kind of flavors and textures people like.  All of our items are divine and have strong followings!”  Brian’s personal favorite is the Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets, made with organic Parmesan Reggiano bursting with flavor combined with mild, crunchy garlic that is simply fantastic on pasta dishes.  We hands down agree that this is also our favorite because the combination of sharp Parmesan cheese with garlic is about as close to heaven as you can get.  Parmesan and garlic blended together makes everything taste better and this ingenious blend will leave you yearning for more.  Every chef should not be without Garlic Gold Italian Herb Nuggets, an essential for those who enjoy Italian seasonings and the rich, crisp taste and crunch of garlic nuggets.  Organic chopped garlic toasted to crunchy perfection is mixed with a proprietary blend of organic Italian seasonings to use in sauces, pastas, stews, soups and more.  Created by founder, Rinaldo, this savory blend will undoubtedly replace the boring Italian seasoning blend in your cupboard.  Other flavors include Herbs de Provence and Southwest Blend.

All items can be purchased individually, in bulk, or as a gift box set.  On occasion, Garlic Gold will introduce seasonal items offered exclusively to their email subscribers.  As for the future, Brian sees Seven Oaks becoming a household name offering a wide variety of natural and organic products that are good for both the body and the environment.  Last but not least, Brian adds, “Believe in your dreams.  Follow your passions.  Act with integrity and kindness.”  Be sure to “like” the Garlic Gold Facebook page for exciting news, events and giveaways.  Garlic Gold is available at Whole Foods but can also be purchased online at


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