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Me & Ro

Me & Ro Jewelry

Delicate and Modern Jewelry Expresses Strength, Love and Faith

Me & Ro JewelryWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, that means searching for the ultimate and perfect trinket to give your sweetheart.  Finding something delicate and sentimental yet unique and unconventional is harder than you think.  Thankfully, Me&Ro, a New York City based jewelry design company, offers a captivating and gorgeous selection of silver, 10k gold, 18k fine jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces that will please any woman.  Founded in 1991 by designer and CEO, Robin Renzi, she continues to explore the beauty of nature and balance of form, opting for “subtlety over showiness, pursuing an aesthetic of simple beauty.”  Robin is “inspired by the human need both to adorn and to communicate through jewelry” as well as the power of jewelry to “express the human values of strength, love, and faith.”  All Me&Ro jewelry is 100% made in New York City.

Robin’s inspiration in launching a jewelry line began when she was a dancer and wanted something stable that would pay the bills.  In 1991, she started Me&Ro with her friend, Michele Quan, a model at the time who was disillusioned with the business and desired something more artistic.  The name, Me&Ro, comes from Me for her co-founder, Michele (who left the company in 2003) and Ro for her name Robin.  They originally could not think of a name, but eventually after a year, a friend of theirs started naming their line Me&Ro.  Robin was inducted into the CFDA in 2008 and has continued expressing herself through the art of making jewelry.  Me&Ro has been featured in numerous fashion publications like W, InStyle, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, and Vogue to name a few.  Robin is extremely altruistic and her actions speak for themselves as she designs custom pieces for The Tibet Fund, The Joyful Heart Foundation, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Kageno.  Some of her other favorites are The Mayor's Fund of NYC, The Red Hook Initiative, Bent on Learning, Hearts of Gold, the Miracle Foundation, and many more.

Me & Ro JewelryWe selected the Gold Double Lotus Earring as an Editor’s Pick because they simply go with everything and anything.  A stunningly simple pair of recycled 10k gold earrings featuring double lotus petals dangling atop each other, these are ideal for everyday wear and transition well from daytime to evening.  The lotus flower is the heart’s inner shrine and a symbol of creation and manifestation in the Hindu religion.  The subtle matte sheen of the gold is elegant and charming Me & Ro Jewelryand sure to look amazing on anyone. In keeping with the lotus theme, the Gold Lotus Petal Chain is the ideal piece to match the earrings.  Available in 10k or 18k gold, a single lotus petal chain inspired by the power and beauty of the lotus beautifully encircles the neck.  Recycled gold lotus petals daintily hang from the chain to evoke an effortlessly elegant look.  This delicate chain looks fabulous when worn by itself or layered with a gold pendant or charm necklace.  Every girl needs a staple gold chain that can be worn daily to dress up even the most casual of outfits, and this is a timeless classic that will never lose its appeal.    

What led Robin to become a jewelry designer is actually very simple – it came down to the fact that she loved jewelry and was motivated to create some of her own.  “I love the sentimental quality that jewelry has…sometimes a piece has many stories to tell, as it outlives us and is carried down generation to generation.  And it being the closest thing to our skin makes it very personal and sexy!” Robin says.  She has vivid memories of playing with her grandmother's diamond rings on her living room floor when she was only two.  Robin shares, “I have always been fascinated with jewelry, maybe because it was something my grandmother exposed me too and I loved her so much that it was a piece of her.”  Robin has always possessed a creative side, making things as a child and being an active dancer before launching the business.  She moved to New York City to study modern dance in the 80’s and waitressed at the restaurant, Indochine, to support her dancing habit.

Me & Ro JewelryIf looking for a gift that speaks volumes, the 18k Circle Paisley Pendant is a beautiful statement piece as this circle pendant features an artistic hand engraved paisley pattern.  The craftsmanship and exquisite detail can be clearly seen and easily felt as you run your fingers over the engraved flowers.  Conflict free rose cut diamonds grace the paisley design, adding sparkle and elegance.  This centerpiece pendant is eye-catching and captures the simplicity and beauty of hand engraving.  Me&Ro is unique from other jewelry designs because every piece stems from originality.  Robin says, “I work very hard on processing the ideas in my head in order to create an original piece of jewelry, and since no one can get inside my head I think that is what makes each piece unique.”  When it comes to her favorite materials used in creating, Robin is a true artist, using the most of the color and element spectrum.  She shares, “I do love all diamonds, all colors and qualities, white, brown, black, red, green, opaque and translucent, ivory, lapis and turquoise, and all natural sapphires and rubies too!”  Robin also adores coral but refrains from using it because it is endangered.  If she stumbles across old, old, coral, she will use it for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Me & Ro JewelryRobin takes the time to share some of her favorite designs with us. She loves the one-of-a-kind opaque and other cuts of white, brown, black and multi-colored diamonds as they are the perfect display of Mother Nature in all of her rare beauty.  In her 18kt jewelry line, Robin loves the paisley pieces, all of the brown and black diamond beaded items as well as the ivory scrimshaw pieces.  Robin created the mammoth ivory scrimshaw collection in honor of Me&Ro’s 20th anniversary in 2011.  The ivory is such a beautiful and rare material because it is 20,000-40,000 year old wooly mammoth and mastodon.  The Paisley Bead Drop Earrings features a clean modern design of a beautiful paisley pattern that is hand scrimshawed with gold inlay in the flowers while the teardrop hangs from five hand beaded black diamonds that add elegance.  Robin adds, “I love working with ivory, it is very soft and can be easily scrimshawed with intricate paisley patterns, set with black diamonds and can be carved into moons and stars.” 

Me & Ro JewelryFrom her silver collection, her favorites include the Shell Earrings (both large and small) and the Wide Woven Flowers and Leather Bracelet.  Robin also likes the new little roses set with tiny diamonds, the paisley collection in silver and the prayer beads.  From one of her newest collections, the Sterling Silver Tiny Rose Pendant with Diamond symbolizes love and beauty as this single delicate rose holds a brilliant cut diamond in the center.  Affordable and sentimental, this necklace makes a great gift as the lovely rose can be worn for years to come.  Despite the fame and popularity of Me&Ro, Robin is the sole designer of the line and comes up with all ideas and designs.  She best describes her jewelry designs as “modern and classic, bohemian and sexy, personal, understated, feminine.”  Me&Ro is also a very green and eco-friendly company as they use recycled gold and silver, conflict-free stones, fossilized ivory, only antique coral, and recycled paper and packaging materials. 
Me&Ro is a popular favorite among celebrities – always has been and always will be.  Many celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, and Sheryl Crow have purchased her jewelry over the years, which can be seen under the press section of the website.  Recent celebrities wearing Me&Ro are Mary Louse Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Alec Baldwin.  Samuel L. Jackson bought his wife, LaTanya, and daughter Me & Ro Jewelrysome 18k gold hand carved ivory scrimshaw bangles.  Recently in 2012, Robin collaborated with Casey Jennings to custom design a pendant for his wife, Olympic Volleyball champion, Kerri Walsh.  Me&Ro has been worn by actresses in films, such as Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, Eat, Pray Love with Julia Roberts and Devil Wears Prada starring Anne Hathaway.   Me&Ro is always introducing new styles and designs as Robin designs two 18k collections and two silver/10k collections each year.  She also designs many one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs throughout the year, including one-of-a-kind diamonds and other stones such as lapis, turquoise, and more. 

Me & Ro JewelryIn her travels abroad, Robin found India and Brasil the most inspirational for their beauty and culture, as well as their diamonds and other precious stones.  “Both of these countries have such strong craft cultures and they still make so many things… it's like a feast for your eyes and senses.”  Many of her designs reflect symbols from the Hindu religion and the culture of India.  Another Editor’s Pick is the long and sexy Gold Teardrop Fringe Earrings with Stones that will make any woman feel like an Indian princess.  From the fine jewelry collection, these hand-beaded earrings feature 9 strands of brown or black diamond beads that each end with a tiny 18k gold petal.  These long earrings sway with graceful movement and capture the light as they sparkle from the diamonds and gold lotus petals.  Worth the splurge as these earrings are breathtaking for any special occasion.

Robin is pleased with the current size of her company because it is nice, manageable and much smaller than it once was.  She use to have four stores and 100 employees and now oversees one store in New York and 20 employees.  Her success has not been without challenges as operating a business is very difficult because it requires wearing so many hats and being good at many different things.  Getting to know Robin personally, she likes a lot of vintage jewelry from all over the world, especially India.  When it comes to jewelry designers, there are too many really good ones to pick out just one.  In her spare time, Robin loves reading, relaxing, listening to music as well as cooking and eating well.  She loves to dance and because she wishes to meditate more, that is her resolution for 2013.  Her last words to the readers are “Do what you love!”

Me&Ro is available at the Me&Ro store on Elizabeth Street in New York as well as online at  Some of her line is also available at Barneys in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and more.  Specialty stores and boutiques across the country and worldwide also carry Me&Ro.  Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it so start spreading the love!


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