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Mypressi TWIST

Mypressi TWIST

The Revolutionary Handheld Espresso Maker

Mypressi TWISTMypressi was founded in 2008, by Stephen O’Brien and his wife, Najma.  The TWIST is entirely unique in that its delivery system requires no electricity, pumping, priming, and is light enough to fit in a briefcase, backpack or handbag. It is incredibly affordable for a high-end espresso machine and very easy to use. It also offers “espresso with training wheels” by including special coffee baskets that can work with coarse ground coffee or pre-packaged pods. However, as your taste develops you can graduate to the standard 53mm basket and start pulling amazing shots. The TWIST will likely change how you think about coffee.  The TWIST to extremely versatile in creating espresso for a delicious range of drinks and desserts from cappuccinos, mochas and lattes to affogatos, iced and frozen coffee drinks, espressotinis, machiattos and more. The TWIST is the must-have portable espresso maker for those seeking truly delicious espresso, anytime, anyplace.

Stephen’s inspiration to create the mypressi TWIST was envisioned one morning when he was craving an espresso while on honeymoon in Bora Bora with his wife, Najma.  As he was “lost” in the tropical paradise without access to an espresso machine, he started thinking about how to make an espresso machine that would be portable without requiring a heavy duty water pump to create the adequate high pressure needed.  As Stephen brainstormed with the idea of using a pre-existing pressure source to solve the problem, he sketched out a machine using a portable gas cartridge that was simple to use and would effectively create a shot equal to that of any commercial machine.  It was there in Bora Bora on his honeymoon that the idea for the TWIST was born.  From there, he did not truly consider creating the TWIST as he was still working on plans for a new software company.  It was not until six months later when his wife said, “you know, that espresso machine idea seemed like a pretty good one,” that Stephen put his idea into action. 

Mypressi TWISTStephen and Najma founded the company together and it was Najma who continually played a pivotal role in both the product and company, from helping to develop the unique shape of the TWIST to driving the aesthetics and working endless hours to bring a concept to reality.  With the help and support of their fantastic industrial designer and mechanical engineers, the TWIST uses a gas-filled cylinder to provide the pressure needed for an espresso.  The TWIST prototype was unveiled in April 2009 at the annual SCCA conference and expo (world’s largest gathering of coffee professionals) and subsequently awarded for Best New Product.  Six months later, the mass production began and hit the market in November 2009.  But Stephen is not stopping there as there are exciting plans for additional products that will “further revolutionize the industry.”  He has high hopes to continue innovating, making people happy, and possibly even change the lives of coffee bean farmers for the better. 

Mypressi TWISTGetting down to the engineering highlights of the TWIST, it requires no external power or plug to produce single or double shots from either fresh ground coffee or ESE pods.  All you have to do is put in ground coffee or pod, pour in hot water and pull the trigger to enjoy a perfect espresso extraction in a matter of seconds.  And when done, the clean-up is just as easy since giving the TWIST a quick rinse is all that is required.  Not only is the TWIST efficient, it is also green and eco-friendly as its affordable 8g pressure cartridges are recyclable and the same ones that have been safely used in whipped cream dispenses worldwide for over 80 years.  Each cartridge has sufficient pressure to make up to four double shots or eight single shots of espresso.  The TWIST’s patent-pending engine regulates the cartridge to extract a delicious single or double-shot of espresso at the perfect pressure. The result is an ideal espresso extraction with a clean and clear taste that makes the most of every bean.

Stephen was born in Australia, which is now home to more espresso machines per capita than any other part of the world. “Espresso and espresso-based drinks have been part of Australia’s landscape for the last 80 years. In fact, I remember skipping school just to have a cappuccino,” Stephen shares.  His first brush with espresso was in his early twenties, as he progressed from the standard home coffee machine to a quality grinder.  “Espresso is one of those things that just keeps getting more and more interesting. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know. And once you’ve had the first taste of an incredibly smooth, beautifully textured espresso shot that doesn’t have the slightest hint of bitterness...well, it’s impossible to go back.”  He also adds, “Espresso shots work so well with milk because the flavors shine through, providing a very deep, delicious taste” so that people who usually load their coffee with sugar are amazed that sugar is unnecessary when drinking a straight shot or espresso-based drink. 

Mypressi TWISTStephen’s background is unlike most as he took a different route rather than college.  As a natural programmer, he stated out working as a layout designer at a newspaper and quickly moved up to editor of the IT section.  As his career in journalism grew with Australia’s leading newspaper and magazines, he also authored many books for Prentice Hall, Pearson Education and QUE.  Sensing a market niche, Stephen then founded a software company called Typefi, used by many of the world’s largest publishers and IT companies to automate the publishing of books and lengthy documents.  Stephen enjoys the TWIST because it makes people happy.  Even if they have no idea how it works, they light up with a big smile in amazement when they see beautiful dark, rich espresso flowing from a small handheld device.  The TWIST is also very practical as it is easy to use, easy to keep clean, great for travel, and simple to store. “It frees people from being tied to a big machine, or losing their kitchen counter space and makes great coffee so much more accessible,” Stephen says. 

 “It took me too long to put into practice something I learned twenty years ago: do what you love doing and the rest will follow” Stephen shares.  “We use the TWIST to reset expectations on how coffee should taste and on how easy it is to make a good shot. Instead of a complex machine with numerous knobs and dials, to use the TWIST you just pull one small trigger. It’s deliciously simple,” Stephen says.  Mypressi TWIST is available on many online websites as well as in many cafes, specialty kitchen stores, and outdoor stores.  To treat your family, loved one, or yourself with a mypressi TWIST, visit


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