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The Settlers of Catan

A Board Game Like No Other!

The award-winning Catan family of board and card games comprise one of the world’s most enjoyable and best-selling game lines. To start off, The Settlers of CatanSettlers of Catan has sold over 11 million games and to this day, remains one of the best-selling and most widely played games ever developed. It has won the "Game of the Year" in Germany, the U.S., and many other countries. The Settlers of Catan is a must have game for every family or couple that will be sure to remain timeless and challenging for years to come. It debuted in 1995 and was created by world famous game maker, Klaus Teuber, and is proudly distributed nationwide by Mayfair Games. This line includes card games, game expansions, and accessories for the Catan games. Settlers of Catan has often been described as something between Risk and Monopoly and this engaging game involves strategy, luck, a sharp mind, and the ability to read your opponents.

The goal is simply to reach a certain number of points and whoever does so first is the winner. But beware – It is NOT as easy as it sounds! The challenge is how to get the most points first and beat out your opponents without them realizing you may be ahead and teaming up against you. The placement of the board game is comprised of hexagon pieces arranged as a surrounding body of water (with trading ports) around the country of Catan. The land is made up of five resources; wheat, brick, ore, sheep, and wood. Atop each resource hexagon, numbers which reflect the possible rolls of the dice are randomly placed. To start off, each player places two "settlements" and "roads" and starts collecting resources if their numbers are luckily rolled. As the game progresses, players will be able to build more properties on certain resources being represented by various numbers and increase their chances of collecting resources. Overall, different combinations of these resources can then be used to buy roads, settlements, and cities in order to earn points.

Excitement picks up as each player buys more roads and settlements, in hopes of eventually gaining Settlers of Catanthe most points. Once you are familiar enough to advance further into the world of Catan, you can add expansions to explore new aspects and challenges of the game or add more players. Gather resources, trade with friends and foes, and build roads and settlements—all in a quest to be the Master of Catan! What makes Catan so great is that every game is completely different! Tried and true hints are careful trading and clever building and of course, plentiful resources!

If you have kids, they are in for a real treat because Catan isn’t just for adults! Introducing Catan for Kids! This version is much simpler, but just as engaging for the young ones and is great for introducing them to building techniques and developing strategy.

Another great game for the kids is Beetlez! The players are funny little musician beetles and their goal is to grab as many leftover foods as they can, but only the ones they like. But be quick! Once the light is switched on, only the swift eyes and hands will get you to safety.

Strategy and intensity may not be for everyone. If you like riddles, Barbarossa is a 3-4 player game also invented by Klaus Teuber that revolves around solving a riddle based on each player’s formation of a clay object. Each player is given a piece of clay, which is then molded into an object. The other players take turns asking questions to guess what the other objects are. If you guess correctly along the way, that will earn you points towards victory.

Settlers of CatanIf you are into card games, then Bang! is right up your alley. Each player draws their cards and the movement is everyone hunting each other. The Outlaws hunt the Sheriff, and the Sheriff hunts the Outlaws. The Renegade plots secretly, ready to take one side or the other. Bullets fly. Who among the gunmen is a Deputy, ready to sacrifice himself for the Sheriff? And who is a merciless Outlaw, willing to kill him? If you want to find out, just draw (your cards)!

All of these fantastic games can be purchased directly from If you are in doubt, I guarantee you cannot go wrong with Settlers of Catan. All who have played have never turned away! See what the craze is all about and order Catan and its expansions!


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