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The Leakproof Build-a-Bento Box

YumboxEvery parent knows that packing school lunches comes with the job.  We all aspire to be that Pinterest parent that creates cute and enticing food presentations that beg to be eaten, but often fall short with a big fail.  Introducing Yumbox, a kid-friendly, bento-style lunch container that is the new and efficient way to pack meals while inspiring creativity and making eating fun. Founders, Maia Neumann and Daniela Devitt, are two moms that created Yumbox out of their dedication and passion to developing healthy eating in kids.  The brilliant thing about Yumbox that sets them apart from other bento-style boxes is each tray has five main sections labeled with fun and colorful drawings of the food groups; protein, grains, dairy, vegetable and fruit. This key feature of having compartments showcase the food groups helps encourage and assist parents and kids in packing balanced meals. These sections allow for built-in portion control and variety of meal ideas from the cute illustrations that makes packing a meal feel like an art project.  Ta-da! Plain lunch has been transformed into an artistic foodie masterpiece. 

Yumbox is an award-wining product in earning the Good Design Award (2013), Little London Awards (2015) and the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards (2016).  For Maia, her inspiration came from the French school lunches served to her kids daily, emphasizing balance, variety, taste and nutrition.  She and Daniela wanted to replicate that same balance and nutrition for their own kids, regardless of where they lived.  Both being fans of the Mediterranean diet that reinforces moderation and balance, they wanted to make this easy for everyday families everywhere.  They brainstormed that this meal box should be able to hold a variety of foods with a bento-like tray and design, complete with a lid that sealed all compartments in place to prevent leakage.  The tray fits snugly into the bottom of the box and is easily removable, making this simple and efficient to use.  With Yumbox, everyone anywhere can easily pack a healthy balanced meal for their families. 

YumboxYumbox retails for $28 and comes in a variety of fun, bright colors.  They are made with high quality, super durable, food-safe materials and are BPA-free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.  What sets Yumbox apart from other lunchboxes on the market is that it is a leakproof container.  With its specially designed silicone lid molded to “fit” the design of the plastic tray, it creates a tight seal for each individual compartment.  We tested wet foods like yogurt, applesauce, and ranch dressing by shaking the sealed box and amazingly, nothing leaked between sections.  This brilliant design keeps food from leaking between compartments or outside of the box.  Quite genius!!  Keep in mind Yumbox is meant for storing cold or room temperature food and not hot foods or liquids such as soups.   Yumbox is compact and fits easily in standard size lunch totes, or you can purchase one of their lovely insulated coolers on their website.  Ideal for kids as young as 2, Yumbox has an easy to open latch and is lightweight enough to carry.  At the end of the day, Yumbox is easy to clean as it is dishwasher top rack safe.  For hand washing, the rounded edges and smooth surfaces make this easy and quick.

Maia and Daniela share, “While Yumbox is fun to use and a pleasure to pack, it is also an educational tool that helps children develop healthy eating habits.”  This is great hands on training for kids, in encouraging them to pack their own Yumbox so they can make healthy choices for themselves.  For busy families on the go, Yumbox acts as an excellent storage container, allowing you to pack lunches the night before thanks to the seal that keeps foods fresh for days in the fridge. 

YumboxCurrently, Yumbox sells four different products.  The Yumbox Original, Yumbox Panino, Yumbox Tapas and Yumbox MiniSnack.  For kids, the Yumbox Original and Yumbox Panino are ideal because they are compact and can be carried in regular lunch totes, while also fitting neatly on lunch tables.  The Yumbox Original 6-compartment food tray is perfect for toddlers through age 8 who are picky eaters and like variety.  IYumboxt holds five 1/2 cup portions of the five main food groups plus one dip/treat well to pack your child’s favorite foods or bite size pieces of sandwiches.  The illustrated trays reinforce healthy balanced meal packing.  Think of it as a create your own “lunchable” that is much healthier.  For sandwich lovers, the Yumbox Panino is great for kids and adults since it holds more food than Yumbox original.  The 4-compartment food tray features one large sandwich size section (2 cups) with two smaller 1/2 cup sides plus a 1 oz dip/treat well.  Easy to pack a sandwich and include a salad or sides to make it a complete meal.  We love how each box allows for a different type of lunch, from traditional sandwiches to unique mix and match grazing combinations. 

YumboxFor teens and adults with larger appetites, Yumbox Tapas is perfect because it holds more food at a total volume of 4.2 cups (Retail $32).  This 5 and 4 compartment tray is ideal for work, school, sports and travel with a variety of foods.  Being a mom of four young kids always on the go, I was especially excited to try out my own Yumbox since I usually skip meals or nibble from the fridge.  The night before, as I packed my Tapas, enjoying the process of deciding my favorites and what to include, I proudly placed it in the fridge.  The next day was a flurry running around for school pick up and drop off, chores, errands and more.  By the time I sat down I was famished and happily grabbed my Tapas.  It was relaxing and enjoyable to sit down and enjoy a neatly packed meal that included various food groups with proper portions for healthy eating.  For little ones or even adults looking to snack with portion control in mind, the Yumbox MiniSnack is the smallest box with 3 compartments: 3/4 cup, 1/3 cup serving plus dip well (Retail $20).  This is great to pack for school snacks or for adults on the go who may not have time to sit down for a full meal but need to refuel with food.

Maia and Daniela add, “Like most moms, we are practical. Yumbox is easy for kids to use and a cinch for parents to pack. It cleans easily, will save you money, and will help you to reduce waste. We hope you love Yumbox as much as we do!”  Visit today to stock up on Yumboxes for your family and friends.  These make fabulous holiday gifts as they are both practical and fun to use.  Be sure to visit the blog and recipes section of their website for news and food ideas. 


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