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Alisha Louise Designs

Art Deco Jewelry with a Splash of Color

Alisha Louise DesignsAlisha Louise, sole creator of Alisha Louise Designs, launched her line and website ( in 2005.  Her collection is known for its bold and rich colors and allusion to vintage art and style.  The shapes and silhouettes of her feminine and modern pieces combined with stunning, glossy layers of enamel have caught the eyes and attention of many.  Her distinctive and one-of-a-kind pieces have been featured in Lucky, Teen Vogue, Daily Candy, and more.  Her most recent collection is devoted to graphic silhouettes of romantic Art Deco and Nouveau patterns glazed in an enamel color of choice.  All pieces are custom created and personalized as customers can choose from a spectrum of basic enamel colors in addition to distinctive ones like peacock, olive, sage, teal green, pea, maroon, mint, lilac, and turquoise.

Alisha Louise DesignsAlisha graduated from Northern Arizona University and has always possessed a strong and energetic sense of creativity.  She minored in creative writing and worked in the publishing industry, but didn’t feel at home until she discovered her niche in designing jewelry.  Her inspiration blossomed after she took jewelry classes for a few years and worked as a production assistant for local jewelers.  It was then when she realized that making jewelry and coming up with designs was something she truly enjoyed.  Alisha truly values how every piece touches each person in a different way.  She is passionate about supporting local designers and holds more value in presenting unique and carefully crafted handmade items to her customers rather than mass producing them overseas or through factories. 

Alisha Louise Designs Our Editor’s picks starts off with the stunning Fleur de Lis necklace, which was also featured in the September 2008 issue of Lucky.  This necklace features a classic design of a fleur de lis arrangement, set in an elegant silhouette, casting a regal touch.  17.5" long with a 1.5" diameter pendant.  This is classic enough to be a designer piece and will add flair to a simple tunic or dress.  The next featured set is the Frances Alisha Louise Designsnecklace and earrings.  The Frances necklace (featured in maroon) is a delicate 1” diameter flower silhouette falling from a shimmering 17” chain, adorned with a dainty bead on each side.  This necklace is sure to turn heads for its alluring and feminine design as it adds slight contrast when worn against a neckline.  The Frances earrings (featured in black) are just as captivating as each earring includes two flower silhouettes, one dangling below the other.

Alisha Louise DesignsAlisha created her distinctive style of enamel jewelry by experimenting with different techniques after taking an enamel class.  While she was originally interested in stone setting, she was forever changed and blown away with the endless possibilities enamel offered in adding luscious, rich color to jewelry without traditional stonework.  Applying enamel to each piece takes great effort and precision and the common misconception is that enamel is a “paint” applied to metals.  In truth, real enamel is actually finely powdered high quality glass that is applied by sifting it onto specific metals (silver, steel, gold, and copper) or by adding a binding agent such as water.  Once applied, the piece is briefly fired in a 1400 degree kiln about 2-3 times for the desired effect in adding layers, burnout color, or applying foils and metals. 

Alisha Louise Designs Alisha says, “Jewelry is one of those very personal items, often worn many times a week for years. It’s great to feel you’ve picked up something that not everyone will have, that suits your style and shows off your personality.”  It is obvious that Alisha treasures the appreciation and satisfaction of her customers, and that she gives all of herself to give back to others through her beautiful hand-crafted pieces. As for Alisha’s favorites, she is extremely excited about her new, detailed items, such as the Fleur Alisha Louise Designsde Lis necklace and Gingko earrings because “they are special without being overwhelming.” She is also a big fan of hand-painted designs, like the Cherry Blossom and Dahlia pendants, which are often given as gifts.  These are lovely hand-crafted and hand-fired cloisonné pendants showcasing flora with striking backgrounds.  It gives her a great sense of joy in being able to show her artistic side, while also creating something so special for someone else to treasure and wear.

Alisha Louise DesignsAlisha loves traveling and has visited Iceland, Denmark, Italy, England, Croatia, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. On each of her trips, she discovered amazing jewelry and saw traditional, cultural art.  Amongst her world travels, Scandanavia was the first country that influenced her beginnings as a designer because of its modern designs.  Alisha’s style changes as her inspiration does, and her more recent lines are influenced by the richness in detail of southern European jewelry.  One of her goals is to take a jewelry workshop overseas in the future to expand her horizons in learning new techniques.  As for now, Alisha finds inspiration through various mediums, from art books and select fabrics to walks around parks and neighborhoods.  Once the inspiration of a base sets in, she can easily and quickly refine that vision into a piece of jewelry.

Alisha Louise DesignsHer collection is sold at independent design boutiques, art galleries, high end fashion stores, and online.  In the next few years, Alisha envisions expanding to feature a men’s collection and a more upscale line.  She is excited about featuring her collection at wholesale shows nationwide, and is even considering launching a line of functional and creative art pieces for home décor.  Alisha encourages other creative souls out there to jump in and get their feet wet, as she says, “it’s amazing what can happen.  Just go for it!”

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