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Fun and Unconventional Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

DuePuntiJacov Joshach, son of a recognized Milanese diamond dealer, is Founder and Owner of DuePunti, a Milan-based jewelry line.  Since its launch in April 2011, DuePunti has been taking the world by storm with its re-definition of “the diamond ring.”  Now present in over ten countries, DuePunti offers modern and fun diamond rings for just under $100 each. Jacov created DuePunti as a new way of understanding and wearing diamonds.  His inspiration came from thinking unconventionally about the most “classic and precious” stone – the diamond.  He wanted to give it an added value but most importantly, offer a price point that would make diamonds available and fun for everyone.  The silicone rings come in a rainbow assortment of vibrant hues with a .02 carat diamond in the center.  What makes DuePunti unique is not only the design, but the whole concept and idea of making the conventional unconventional.  This new brand created a new way of understanding jewelry and through the right combination of design and function, DuePunti was able to turn diamonds into an easy and fun accessory for everyday looks. 

Because of his family business, Jacov was always surrounded by jewelry and precious materials.  However, being a part of a new generation, he thought of giving a new look to the classic and conventional diamonds that the world was accustomed to.  Jacov has always DuePuntibeen creative, but never had a chance to express that side of himself before launching DuePunti.  He shares, “I think this product reflects my creativity in the world of luxury, trend, and fashion, and at the same time, fulfills my dream of making diamonds colorful, fun, and reachable for everyone.”  As for education, Jacov graduated from the Accademia di Comunicazione (Communication Institute of Advertising).  Post-college, he worked in the family diamond business in Blue White Diamonds with a three month experience in Belgium during his gemological course in HRD.  Jacov knows that every experience in his life, from traveling to meeting interesting people, has given him more knowledge and assurance as to what he wants to do.  “Our backgrounds are shaped by every single moment and I think that everyday is an opportunity to learn or try something new—the most important thing is to believe in what you are doing,” he adds.  When it comes to designing, Jacov enjoys traveling to see different realities and mentalities.  He tries to think of what is missing in the world and figure out ways to discover areas in design that have not been explored yet.

DuePuntiDuePunti is best described as “unconventional” and Jacov’s favorite material related to diamonds is anything but gold, silver or platinum.  Made in Italy, these rings are diverse, sporty and feminine, modern and contemporary and colorful as ever with 19 colors.  We adore the Baby Pink ring as it is soft and feminine yet effortlessly cool.  Giving people the freedom and ease of mixing and matching colors according to outfits, these rings are meant to be enjoyed and shown off.  The silicone is flexible, allowing a soft grip around the finger to maintain comfort.  The siliconic gum is natural feeling with non-allergenic DuePuntiproperties and rings are available in small, medium, and large.  A mounting method ensures that the .02 carat diamond stays safe and sound in the ring.  All diamonds are certified conflict free diamonds and tested by Cisgem CCIAA, Milano.  Another color we fell in love with is Graphite, a gorgeous gray that can be worn year-round with just about every other color.  DuePunti is great because it is more accessible, more personal, more fun, and full on modern.

DuePunti rings are perfect in sets of multiple colors, for example, a trio, single or on each hand.  This niche-product remains personal to each client as DuePunti jewelry is meant to DuePuntibe worn daily since there is no fragility and it will never injure the finger.  Finally, a piece of jewelry that can truly be worn 24 hours a day while working, going to the beach, playing sports, and more.  “Not too ostentatious, but captivating enough to be noticed by its innovative coolness.”  Jacov’s belief in his philosophy shows through his altruistic acts, such as hosting a charity event and raising money for the Tibetian Children Village (TCV).  During a three month period, for every ring sold in Italy, DuePunti donated 1 euro to TCV.  In addition, they also held an event where rings and different items created by the kids of TCV were sold to raise more money for the cause.  DuePunti is already planning similar projects in other countries because they believe in doing good for people in need.  He humbly says, “We consider ourselves lucky for what we have in our everyday life, and sometimes remember that there are people who aren’t as lucky as we are—these are the people who need our help.” 

DuePuntiDuePunti caters to a wide clientele and is available at high-end jewelry stores to selected concept and luxury accessory boutiques and fashion department stores.  Many celebrities have already been spotted with DuePunti, including Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Greene, Christina Aguilera, Emily Blunt, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart  , Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Richie, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Saldana, and many more.  Assisting Jacov is a small but strong team of young, fresh and extravagant brains working together on DuePunti.  He believes this spirited collaboration gives a better result than individualism.  Jacov has traveled a lot in his life but in the end, he thinks his home country, Italy, is the place where fashion starts.  While he never really understood what it meant when people would say “Italians do it better,” he now agrees and believes in it.  His favorite jewelry designers are Stefan Bicakci, VHERNIER, and Leader Line Milano.  When there is free time, he loves spending time with his family or playing golf with friends.  Traveling is always a great hobby and Jacov always keeps his eyes wide open to try and capture new and innovative ideas or concepts.

Jacov has big plans for his company in the future as he hopes DuePunti will be well distributed worldwide, with loyal customers waiting for new DuePunti products.  He hopes customers will also believe in his philosophy and approach to diamonds and luxury.  Jacov says, “I would like DuePunti to go on being a pioneer of diamond trends and styles. We will be the first and others will follow.”  Be on the lookout because this is just the beginning.  DuePunti has only just started creating and riding the unconventionality of diamonds and style.  While there is still a long way to go, they are already thinking and testing new ways of making their diamonds unconventional.  New styles and concepts will be coming soon.  At DuePunti, Jacov says, “we embrace individuality and because our rings stand out from other jewelry brands, we feel our customers stand out as well. Our customers are exciting individuals who lead busy lives, and our rings can go with them from day to night.” 

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