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Erica Anenberg Jewelry

Erica Anenberg Jewelry

Photographer Turned Designer Rocks the Jewelry Box

Erica Anenberg JewelryErica Anenberg is seen everywhere from celebrities to music artists.  “With a design aesthetic that is dangerously sexy, yet classically innocent, Anenberg's inimitable style is unique, edgy and versatile.”  As one of today’s  most creative and original jewelry designers, her pieces have been spotted on Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers, the  Kardashians, as well as leading figures like Cameron Diaz, Kristen Cavallari, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, David Cook, Lenny Kravitz, and many more.  Her collection of unique and sexy necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are original

Erica has always been fascinated with the interplay of light and objects in the natural world.  She majored in Photography at California State University Northridge as that was her first love.  Erica also loves to physically create art with her hands and naturally evolved into a glass artist after studying glass design at Pilchuck Glass School.  She worked in the stained-glass medium for years as there was “something endlessly alluring about the act of crafting pieces which reflect and filter light and color” that made her happy.  One day, as she was welding some stained-glass jewelry boxes, she started thinking about filling those boxes with jewelry that matched her own creative vision. She then went on to pursue jewelry design at Otis Parsons College of Art and Design.

Erica Anenberg JewelryErica makes jewelry “which reflects the individuality of the wearer."  She has been recognized for her line of braille jewelry for its conveyance of powerful messages.  The Hope Puzzle Necklace is a great two for one deal as it comes with two necklaces, each with a puzzle charm that spells “hope” when fit together ($118).  Taking a new twist on the best friend heart charm, this modern version is chic, unisex, and unique.  The small 14k plated puzzle charms have “hope” written across in blank print.  Perfect for the hoper in your life and great as a gift to share. 

Erica has been an entrepreneur since elementary school.  When she was just seven, she created handmade candies made of Oreo cookie filling, rolled with Hershey’s Quik mix, twisted up in aluminum foil, and sold to other little kids.  These days, her creativity never stops as she sketches out design ideas for rings, necklaces, and other pieces that play with light and color.  Erica Anenberg JewelryErica’s favorite design is her Twosome™ line of rings which hold a special place in her heart.  She first sold them at Maxfield Los Angeles in 2001 as they originally asked her to create them for its rock n’ roll clients.  “I evolved them into designs that I would actually wear.  I love the way they decorate my hand without wearing a ton of clashing different rings. It’s an elegant solution with a rock ‘n roll edge,” says Erica.

Erica Anenberg JewelryJust because it is not Valentine’s Day does not mean you can’t enjoy colorful candy hearts.  Hold a candy heart close to you daily with the adorable and fun Candy Heart Charm Necklace ($82).  This necklace features a 14k plated ball chain with a dangling 14k enameled brass candy heart charm.  Shown here in “pink” enamel, you can select from pink, green, yellow, white, and gold as your enamel base and customize with words such as FOXY, XOXO, and LOVE ME.  Just like the original Sweethearts conversation heart candies, this wearable replica is sure to be a conversation starter.

She has been featured in Marie Claire, Daily Candy, People Magazine, InStyle, and Fine Jewelry News.  This groundbreaking artist has been also been mentioned in Los Angeles Times and Entrepreneur Magazine's list of Rising Stars.  Her talent and recognition as an artist has also led her to design public works projects, such as the stained glass windows of the Kabbalah Center Synagogue in Los Angeles and signature event pieces like the 16-foot stained-glass ice bar for the Oscars and intimate glass keepsakes for guests at the Emmy Awards.

Erica Anenberg JewelryErica Anenberg also has a delightful collection of bracelets, from leather cuffs and thin leather bracelets to big and bold brass cuffs.  A delicate and fun bracelet is the Suede ID Bracelet, featuring a 14k gold plated id bracelet with onyx suede ($82).  The gold id plate features three red enamel hearts and provides an appealing contrast with the black suede bank.  The thin gold plate looks delicate and feminine and the bold hearts add an air of playfulness. This is a great piece as it is lightweight, comfortable, and cute!

For an everyday bracelet that is subtle enough to wear with anything while also looking fashionable, the Infinity Suede Bracelet is a must.  Erica Anenberg JewelryThis bracelet features a 14k plated gold infinity symbol, held at both ends by dark brown chocolate suede.  The warm tones of the vibrant gold with the dark brown gives the bracelet a very natural and traditional aesthetic appeal.  The distinct shaped of the infinity symbol and its shiny gleam is sure to be noticed and complimented.  Erica Anenberg Jewelry can be found at high-end retail locations in the United States and Japan, including Dillards, Henri Bendel, Nordstrom and Kitson (known as THE top-selling accessory designer).  Even better, you can view and shop her collection online at

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