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Gabriela Artigas Jewelry

Gabriela Artigas Jewelry

A Blending of Mexico City and Los Angeles Through Timeless Jewelry

Gabriela Artigas JewelryGabriela Artigas Jewelry debuted in 2003 in Los Angeles and took off from there.  Sisters and co-owners, Gabriela and Tere Artigas, built their jewelry business from the ground up and have been working hard to establish a name for themselves in the City of Angels, where jewelry designers are a dime a dozen.  Gabriela, a self-taught jewelry designer, showcases her natural talent in a variety of styles and mediums.  Gabriela Artigas Jewelry is clean, timeless and architectural.  Her pieces play with the contrast of textures, colors, and clean symmetry.  The line features pieces that vary from delicate and feminine to bold and forceful as the sisters try to represent themselves through the line.  When Gabriela thinks of ideas for designs, she says, “It is a process of understanding what you would wear and why.  We are very in love with all the pieces because they come straight from the heart, there is never a marketing strategy.”

In terms of their jewelry business, it was very much unplanned as Gabriela was 21 and leaving Mexico City when her mother needed a necklace for a wedding but didn’t want to wear her usual jewels because the city was not the safest.  They bought some gems and Gabriela made her mother her first coral and silver necklace.  Gabriela recalls, “We came to Los Angeles for a little holiday and when a recognized buyer bought that same necklace from my mom's neck, we knew something was about to start.”  In 2003, when she designed her first collection of the largely sensational "toothbrush cuffs," created from colorful toothbrushes found at her local supermarket in her hometown Mexico City, success took off from there.  For as long as she can remember, Gabriela was into beautiful things and collected art as well. Since Tere has always been a sales pro, she would sell everything to her friends, even Gabriela’s clothing when she was away.  Tere enjoys the experience and thrill of selling, which is why they make a great team and started running the company together since 2008. 

Gabriela Artigas JewelryGabriela Artigas Jewelry has a wide range of designs and collections, including Futuristic, Primal, Raven, Teardrop and Knife to just name a few.  From one of her signature sets, the Tusks Collection, we selected the Large Tusk Rose Necklace as an Editor’s Pick for its simplicity and elegant boldness.  The signature sleek rose gold large tusk with a sensual curvature dangles from a 14k gold filled long chain.  Lovely when worn over a simple tee or lacy blouse as the shimmer of light Gabriela Artigas Jewelrycatches the arc of the tusk.  In terms of what makes Gabriela Artigas Jewelry unique from other jewelry designs, Tere says, “The thing that makes our jewelry different than others is our point of view, we design for us.”  From the same collection, we selected the Tusk Earrings as another favorite for its delicate touch of minimalist elegance.  Gorgeous and striking, these tusk earrings are naturally a focal point when worn on the lobes.  These 14k gold earrings are small yet exquisite and uniquely one-of-a-kind. 

It is hard to pick favorites since Gabriela loves all of her pieces.  But she loves rings and is always full with them.  “I love every single piece…if I didn’t we wouldn't have them in our collection,” she adds.  Tere also loves all the pieces in the collection but is more drawn towards simple and fine pieces.  She says, “I love an everyday piece that will remind me of the beauty of simple things.”  They would love to expand into bridal and engagement rings in the future as they are planning on opening their studio to the public so people can have a Gabriela Artigas Jewelrybetter look at the complete aesthetic, everyday process at Gabriela Artigas.  We love her rings as much as she does and picked the Gold Knot Ring as another Editor’s Pick.  This delicate band is thin but made of 14k gold and showcases a gorgeous knot in the center.  Perfect to wear alone or as multiples since this ring is also available in white and rose gold.  The knot ring is a very dainty piece that is certainly not for the faint of heart. 
From their upcoming new Fall 2013 collection, we absolutely love the Double Diamond Ring, which comes with either black or white diamonds in 14k yellow, rose and white gold.  The gold band displays a small gap at the top, where the ends of the ring are finished Gabriela Artigas Jewelrywith small diamonds on each end.  Unique yet dainty, this ring is our idea of an everyday piece.  Gabriela studied Textile Design in Mexico City and upon moving to Los Angeles, attended Otis to complete her studies in Fashion Design.  However, she stopped early as she was eager to continue her line and focus more on Gabriela Artigas.  In truth, designing jewelry started out as a project but the process felt very natural to her.  Tere, on the other hand, studied Science of Education and Grief Counseling in Mexico City and worked at a non-profit doing grief counseling and bereavement for six years.  Yet, her mind was always on helping Gabriela Artigas Jewelry grow and supporting her sister’s dream, which became her own. 

This jewelry line creates an amazing selection of bracelets and cuffs, which are simple enough to wear daily yet distinctive and noticeable in their own way.  We introduce to you, the Knot Cuff, as shown in yellow gold.  This cuff graces the wrist while displaying its artistic signature Gabriela Artigas Jewelrysexy knot, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.  Eye-catching enough to be worn alone and yet stunning when layered in multiples with other cuffs and bracelets.  For example, this knot cuff would compliment well with the Rope Cuff in yellow, rose, or white gold, as the contrast in texture gives more appeal.  Gabriela Artigas launches collections twice a year but keeps their basic line available year round as they always add and edit pieces.  Their business started so naturally that they never planned to have a name for their line and simply called it Gabriela Artigas.  Gabriela shares, “The designs come from within. Ideas pop into my head, we talk about them and then I draw them - there's no specific order.”  Her favorite materials to use are gold and diamonds. 
Aside from this unbeatable sister duo, there is nobody else involved.  No design team, work staff or marketing company as Gabriela and Tere run the entire business.  Gabriela designs most of the pieces and handles production while Tere inputs the design process and final products, as well as overseeing all sales, press and business aspects of the company.  Most of the manufacturing is done in-house in Mexico City, but every piece goes through their hands before it leaves.  In terms of challenges, the sisters find that it is more about the line they are trying to create and running their own business is hard because it takes a lot of time, money and effort.  Gabriela shares, “Whatever you are about to start, think it through and start it with ambition but always planned and thoughtful.”  The company also actively participates in charities and events, such as Instituo Mexicano de Tanatologia AC (Mexican Institute for Grief Counseling and Bereavement), Teen with a Dream, American Heart Association, and Casa Belen Orphanage.   

In their travels, they find beauty in all places but were especially impressed with Egypt and felt shocked to be at the pyramids.  In their spare time, the sisters enjoy riding bikes, art galleries, cooking, and walking around and visiting stores that sell their collection.  Gabriela enjoys working on Gabriela Artigas Jewelryat night.  In closing, the sisters want readers to never take things for granted.  Gabriela says, “Always keep in mind that you are never at the top, even if things are going great for you, sit back, breath, enjoy where you are and keep working hard.  Remind yourself that you are never at the top, you always fight to get a little closer to it, but you never reach it.”  The key is to always be humble to learn from others and from yours and their mistakes.  Gabriela Artigas Jewelry is available at select fine boutiques worldwide and across the country, including local boutiques such as Des Kohan, Ten Over Six and Ok Store in Los Angeles, and Steven Alan NYC and LA. To view the complete collection and purchase your own piece of “GA”, visit

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