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Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

Hollywood’s Favorite Jewelry Maven Dazzles with Diamonds

Jennifer Meyer JewelryJennifer Meyer Jewelry has earned its recognition and spotlight as one of Hollywood’s favorite fine jewelry collections.  Launched in June 2005 by the young and talented socialite, Jennifer Meyer Maguire, her pieces have bewitched women everywhere because they are simple, delicate, and classic with her use of gold and diamonds.  What every woman loves about Jennifer Meyer Jewelry is that her pieces go with any woman and any outfit.  Jennifer understands that women are busy as they have friends, children, husbands, boyfriends with very full lives.  “I design jewelry that you can wear to pick up kids at school in the morning and then wear out to dinner that night.  That type of wearability is really important to me, as that is the way my friends and I wear our most treasured and favorite pieces of jewelry,” Jennifer shares.  As her collection exemplifies this wearability, it is no wonder that her name has become a staple in the fashion culture. 

Her interest in jewelry design began when she was just seven years old as her grandmother taught her how to enamel.  Since then, designing and making jewelry has been a true love of hers.  Jennifer studied Child and Family Psychology at Syracuse University.  In her former life before marrying actor Tobey Maguire and becoming a mother of two, Jennifer worked in public relations for couture designers, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.  Through her experience in working with these talented top designers, Jennifer learned about the creative process as well as the business side of fashion.  For Jennifer, there was nothing as exciting as watching designers of that caliber work and create. 

Jennifer Meyer JewelryHer pieces have continued to adorn starlets like Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Kate Winslet, Nicky Hiton, Kate Hudson, and more.  Jennifer Meyer Jewelry has been featured in numerous fashion magazines including Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Glamour, People, Lucky, and more.  One of her biggest fans is Jennifer Aniston, who wore her jewelry onscreen and started the popularity craze of “must-have” pieces.  In “The Break-Up,” Aniston wore the Leaf Necklace in 18k gold throughout the movie and it was soon spotted on actresses and women all over.  The necklace features a graceful and organic leaf in 18k that exudes a gorgeous shiny luster.  This piece can be worn day to night and is a Hollywood favorite among leading ladies.  The glitzier rendition of this necklace is breath-taking and worth the piggy-bank as it can be accented with diamonds, emerald, rubies, sapphires, Jennifer Meyer Jewelryand turquoise.  The natural curve of the leaf pendant and its details shine vibrantly with its clear and illustrious diamonds.  The leaf is available in small or large depending on one’s personal preference for size and materials.  This is necklace is so beautiful you will never want to take it off.  Jennifer’s inspiration for this leaf necklace was her desire to “turn over a new leaf” as she was starting a new phase in her life and wanted to memorialize it in her collection. 

Her pieces consist of romantic symbols like hearts, arrows, and keys to creative and fun ones like a turtle, elephant, and acorn pendant.  Jennifer finds inspiration in everything, from her friends, family and travel.  Amongst her travels, Rome holds a special place in her heart as she had the opportunity to live there for nine months.  Her ideas can come from the most interesting and unusual places.  She is the sole creator and designer of her pieces and says, “the genesis of an idea is usually mine, but my wonderful team will also help give a helpful perspective on a design.”

Jennifer Meyer JewelryA recent favorite and also an Editor’s Pick is the Diamond Heart and Lucky Key Necklace worn by Aniston in “Marley and Me.”  This delicate and romantic piece features a necklace with an 18k gold heart charm and lucky number “one” key charm covered in diamonds.  The dainty heart is classic and elegant with its cluster of shimmering diamonds that keeps it sweet Jennifer Meyer Jewelryand simple.  The pave diamond lucky key charm worn in the movie was the number “one,” but can be customized with your personal lucky number from zero to nine.  This necklace offers the perfect hint of sparkle as you wear your luck and love near your heart. 

Jennifer enjoys working with classic elements and loves the simple elegance of 18k gold because it is easy to work with.  Its availability in yellow, white, and Jennifer Meyer Jewelryrose gives Jennifer a lot to work with in terms of color combinations with stones.   Jennifer is always designing and adding to her collection, but she will never stop making her signature pieces, such as the Leaf Necklace or Earrings, or Diamond Letter Necklaces.  This necklace is perfect for any mom as a diamond initial is set in your choice of rose, white, or yellow gold.  Her personal favorites change daily, but right now she loves her “R” and “O” letter necklaces in honor of her two children.  Looking ahead, Jennifer sees her company continuing to create pieces that connect with women in a meaningful way.  “I love seeing women on the street wearing our 18k yellow gold and diamond letter necklaces, as I know they bought it in honor of someone they truly love,” she says.

Jennifer Meyer JewelryJennifer notes they are very fortunate to have really great relationships with all of their retailers.  Roseark (formerly Kaviar and Kind) in Los Angeles was one of their first believers as they carry a wide selection of her pieces.  One of her favorite designers is Kathy Rose for Roseark, who makes a stunning snake bracelet that Jennifer wears daily.  Jennifer Meyer Jewelry is also sold at Barneys New York and boutiques nationwide.  If and when she has a spare moment, Jennifer enjoys spending it with her husband and two children.  “They get me through the day and inspire every minute of my life,” she says.  And if she is lucky, she can try and sneak off for a massage or manicure and pedicure when they are napping.  Every woman deserves to add something special to their wish list.  For details and locations, visit

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