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Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry Line Opens Doors in Manhattan Beach

Kendra Scott JewelryA jewelry designer that has been gaining popularity and catching the market in California is Kendra Scott.  While she started her company in 2002, and opened her first store in 2010 in her hometown, Austin, Texas, her brand is still new to the scene in Los Angeles.  Now, shoppers in Southern California are starting to take notice of Kendra Scott Jewelry with their newest location in Manhattan Beach.  Open since Spring 2016, this store is located at The Point in El Segundo, at the corner of Sepulveda and Rosecrans.  Designer and CEO, Kendra Scott, creates collections of timeless pieces that have won over loyal fans, media and celebrities alike.  Kendra knows what it means to build a business from nothing as she started her company with only $500 just three months after her first son was born.  She went door to door at boutiques with a small tea box of her jewelry and captured potential customers with her endearing personality and unique eye for design.  The foundation behind her success in transforming her small start-up into a multi-million dollar global business is her natural ability to utilize natural stones and custom designed shapes into everyday, classic pieces. 

Kendra Scott JewelryWhat makes Kendra Scott Jewelry unique is the colorful array of stones used in her designs and the distinctive geometric shapes that make her pieces stand out.  While most jewelry uses semi-precious gemstones that are natural, those with bright and distinctive colors have been either dyed or heat enhanced to bring out its rich hues.  Also, keep in mind that some pieces that have the appearance of bright gemstones are actually made of glass (as stated on their website) or dyed magnesite.  A unique and ingenious concept with all Kendra Scott stores is that the display cases are unlocked and open, giving customers free reign to open, remove and try on pieces as they please.  Kendra wanted the shopping experience to be a fun and enjoyable atmosphere rather than one of feeling intimidated in having to ask a salesperson to unlock or show you pieces. 

Her first copyrighted design that is still a classic hit today is the classic oval silhouette Danielle Earrings.  These statement earrings come in an array of gorgeous bright colors that is literally Kendra Scott Jewelryear candy.  Framed in metallic detail made of 14k gold, rhodium or gunmetal plated over brass and set with almost any color stone imaginable gives off effortless elegance and colorful flair.  From their Spring 2016 collection, we adore the Carole Necklace, which features a gorgeous suspended slice of mother of pearl encapsulated in a clear faceted glass stone pendant.  This beautifully suspended effect has a weightless elegance that showcases the natural beauty of this ocean favorite.  Available in white, brown and black mother of pearl framed with 14k yellow or rose gold, or rhodium.  Great as an everyday piece that pairs well with casual outfits or for dressier occasions, this is a personal favorite. 

Kendra Scott Jewelry

One of the best things about the store is their signature, interactive, build your own jewelry display called Color Bar.  Kendra Scott JewelryUsing a large touch-screen display on the wall, customers can easily pick their choice of jewelry design, then the metal color, and lastly the color and type of stone.  Once completed, the personalized design piece is set and assembled, right in front of them, by Kendra Scott employees, who are all trained for this.  Customers can create custom-designed necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets through Color Bar.  The Color Bar concept is especially popular for bridal-shower parties, birthday celebrations or other special occasions.  What better way to blend fun and creativity in designing a piece to take home as your own creation, while making memories with friends.  I can personally attest that this is a ton of fun and somewhat addictive after creating a pair of Alexa Earrings.  Getting the chance to hand select colors tailored to my own style and having the piece made then and there was amazing. This eye-catching silhouette adds a feminine touch with its Moroccan shape and you can customize it to be edgy with black stone and rhodium or romantic with rose quartz and gold.  The Alexa style is only available at the Color Bar. 

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kendra knows the meaning of hard work as her mom’s family was farmers and coal miners.  Her father was an attorney with his own firm, and likely where she gets her spirit for entrepreneurship.  Family is the most important thing to Kendra and her company as she is from a large family with three sisters and two brothers.  Family is also what drove Kendra to begin her path as an entrepreneur.  At the time, she was studying business and marketing at Texas A&M University but dropped out of school at 19 when she learned her stepfather had brain cancer.  She dedicated her time and passion to raise money through her first business of fashionable headwear and hats for women with hair loss from chemotherapy.  While her first company, The Hat Box, ended, it paved the way for Kendra in learning to pick herself up from failure and redirecting that energy towards success in her new jewelry business. 

Kendra Scott JewelryAlso a philanthropist, Kendra believes in generously giving back to others.  Over the past 12 months, the company has donated $1M and 50,000 pieces of jewelry while working with over 1,000 local and national organizations.  Benefits close to her heart include National Down Syndrome Congress, The Seton Breast Care Center and MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.  Kendra says, “The truest form of success is to give back in a meaningful way.”  Her company is based in Austin, Texas and continues to focus on family, fashion and philanthropy.  The company believes in partnerships with individuals and local charities as well and enjoys hosting unique store events where 20% of proceeds will benefit your cause.  For more information and to shop their amazing collection, visit Kendra Scott online at

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