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Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

Mother Nature’s Daughter Designs Eco-Friendly Pieces

Laura Elizabeth JewelryLaura Elizabeth Jewelry is classic, timeless and authentic while also being a green company using only earth-conscious recycled materials and supplies.  Los Angeles jewelry designer Laura Elizabeth’s intention behind designing each piece is to support each woman in expressing her own personality and beauty.  “I believe women can be wicked (just plain horrible) to each other.  And, I believe we are so strong that we often fear what might happen if we all stood together,” she shares.  Her intention is for her business to hold that sacred loving, space – which is why she names all her pieces after friends and women who have inspired her.  Laura uses a variety of semi-precious stones among gold-filled and silver chains to create colorful and classic pieces that can be worn alone or layered.   

Laura majored in Social and Political studies and minored in Theatre at Pine Manor College.  She then obtained her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. 

While Laura was in school working on obtaining a Marriage Family Therapist license, she also worked as a Nanny.  She was led to jewelry making when a six year old girl she cared for wanted to take a jewelry making class.  After Laura went to the class to support her, she found herself drawn in.  She reminisces, “My inner artist came out and has continued to develop ever since.”  Since her father worked in fashion, both of her parents always encouraged her creative side.  Her father always said that she marched to the beat of her own drum as she use to create outrageous outfits when she was younger or perform an unannounced impromptu dance after dinner.  Laura credits a great deal of who she is today to her husband, who is a musician, and continually supports her in embracing her inner artist.  “I never felt safe or comfortable in venturing out, until I met the man of my dreams,” Laura shares.

Laura Elizabeth JewelryFor something that grabs attention without being gaudy, the Dorothy Necklace with aventurine is exquisite.  This pendant features a large aventurine tear-drop that is almost two inches long dangling from a gold-filled chain.  An extended portion of the gold-filled chain ever so slight drapes across the front of the large aventurine, bringing out its soft shade of seafoam green.  This necklace is sure to be noticed and will turn heads wherever you go.  One of Laura’s personal favorites is the Daya Necklace, made in honor of her brother and for the impact India had on her.  Her parents raised her to travel the world and among it all, she found India as the most influential.  Sharing a very close bond with her brother, a part of his life influenced this piece as he spent several years in Northern India studying with Sadhus.  In visiting him, her family traveled throughout Northern India where she was so inexplicably moved by the culture and colors.  She asked her brother to write out “love” and “freedom” on the pendant in Sanskrit.  The Daya necklace holds words and meaning written in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. 

Laura Elizabeth JewelryOne of her most popular pieces is the Jane Necklace for its dazzling elegance while being an eco-friendly work of art.  A gold overlay chain features three natural agate druzy ovals in between evergreen gold dipped leaves.  This necklace is not mass produced and therefore each stone and leaf is unique.  You can save the environment and be good to the earth while you impress others this stunning necklace.  This special piece can be worn with a formal gown or even a suit to add just the right touch of glitz.  For Laura, different designs show up at different times to give her ideas for her jewelry.  She keeps a pad of paper by her bed so that she can draw it if she awakes with an idea.  Rather than pushing for an idea, she has learned that if it doesn’t flow and come out naturally, it is better to just simply put her tools down and walk away.  Laura mostly designs and makes the jewelry herself with a few part time employees to help out. 

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry is a very classic and elegant line.  With her every popular Eco-Friendly line, she casts recycled silver from silverware.  A lot has Laura Elizabeth Jewelrychanged for Laura as when she first started searching for recycled silver she was met with confused looks, whereas now, she is stopped on the streets by jewelers handing her old spoons to melt down.  A portion of her sales are donated to environmentally conscious causes and her jewelry is consistently donated to education based non-profit agencies.  The Carol Necklace is a good everyday piece for its subtle elegance and simplicity.  Featured here is a small smoky quartz faceted teardrop dangling from a three different gold-filled chains, accented with dusted gold round beads.  The v-shape of this necklace draws attention with its feminine center chain dangling just above the smoky quartz.  This necklace looks especially good when worn with v-neck tops to emphasize its contour. 

Laura Elizabeth JewelryLaura Elizabeth Jewelry also has amazing earrings and rings to choose from.  For a bit of nature, the Magda Earrings are both subtle and captivating.  These earrings are made with real elm leaves Laura Elizabeth Jewelrypreserved in recycled silver so each leaf is unique in and of itself.  The leaf is about one inch long and hangs from a silver chain, which also slides through the ear to dangle behind the lobe.  This effect gives off a very modern and alluring presence while the leaves shimmer as they catch the light.  We adore the ever so classic Anna Ring in silver with a sparkling green peridot cubic zirconium.  The ring is made from recycled silver and compliments beautifully with the crisp emerald green hue of the peridot stone.

Celebrities who have purchased her pieces include Hayden Panettiere and Maria Menounos, who love her Eco-Friendly pieces.  Emily Deschanel has also bought several pieces and enjoys gifting her Laura Elizabeth Jewelryfriends with Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.  Brooke Shields enjoys her classic, timeless pieces such as the Jacqueline earrings. The Jacqueline Small Earrings are perfect for those who like the cool and warm look of silver with gold as these double teardrop earrings have both.  These sexy earrings look great on anyone because of its traditional teardrop shaped and mix of both silver and gold.  The inside gold teardrop is about one inch long while the outside silver teardrop is approximately two inches long.  Both wires are soldered together and are dipped to avoid tarnishing so that you can wear them for years to come!

Laura Elizabeth JewelryLastly, the Claire Necklace in hot pink is a fun and colorful piece that will liven up your wardrobe. A gold-filled chain has five pink colored stones cascading along.  This is a great day to evening piece as it can work with an office outfit and easily transition to a night on the town.  This style is also available with onyx, garnet, blue jade, green jade, purple jade, sapphires, aventurine, carnelian, and red agate.  Laura Elizabeth Jewelry is sold at Eco-Friendly stores and small boutiques all across the country and she updates her collection twice a year. In the future, Laura Elizabeth JewelryLaura sees herself designing and participating in trade shows, as well as more people supporting the efforts to get her line out to boutiques in a swift and effortless fashion.  She hopes to eventually expand her sales to boutiques outside of the United States.  Be on the lookout for her new Spring 2010 collection, which will feature stunning eco-friendly pieces like the Rachel rings.  Visit and shop her collection at

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