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Life is Good

As Good as Life Gets . . .

Life is GoodLife is Good is a brand featuring both basic and unique items such as T-shirts, sleepwear, and sportswear for both men and women, in addition to goods for pets, and other things like headgear, bags, jewelry, and cool gear. The very origins of this now $59 million company started back in1989 when two creative and passionate brothers, Bert and John Jacobs, began selling their T-shirts on the street of Boston. These brothers took the worthwhile risk of quitting their jobs as substitute teachers, and then plunged themselves into building something out of nothing. After years of sleeping in the back of a van, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and pounding on dormitory doors to sell their shirts, their efforts proved rewarding when they sold their first Life is Good T-shirt at a street fair in Boston in 1994.

If you have ever frequented a REI OR Dick’s Sporting Goods, you may have spotted Jake, the happy carefree stick figure icon for Life is Good. Along with Jake is his trusty best friend, who is actually a dog named Life is GoodRocket. You can spot these signature icons throughout, and the great thing is that although REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods are large companies, they have an appreciation of carrying independent labels and supporting new and thriving businesses like Life is Good. Many mom and pop stores also carry Life is Good and even better, the Genuine Neighborhood Stores are a testament to their growing popularity. Basically, Genuine Neighborhood Stores are small stores throughout that began selling more and more Life is Good items, until that was all they sold in the end. This phenomenon has hit 26 stores in the country and continues to grow today.

Life is Good carries a plethora of items. Though T-shirts are still the heart and core of the company, they have expanded their brand to cover headbands, performance shorts, socks, boxers, lounge pants, and more. A new hit is their Harmony Collection, a clothing line made specifically for yoga and Pilates as well as their successful golf market. They also have recently launched their new jewelry line, made of earthy and natural elements like leather, bone, natural stones, and weathered steel. Like their graphics, the jewelry line focuses on simplicity while embracing creativity with nature’s resources.

As Life is Good has branched out in terms of selection, their focus remains the same as the very day they started. Their foundation is optimism, and because that is timeless, it is something that everyone will always need. The company president, Bert Jacobs, is focusing on getting stronger and Life is Goodmaking higher quality products rather than blowing out bigger. Life is Good always attracts a lot of outdoor activity customers. They also feel that the family unit is the most important because there are not too many messages that a whole family embraces. This company is genuinely altruistic because they hold annual charity campaigns such as the Pumpkin Festival in Boston (an attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for the most lit pumpkins) and the Watermelon Festival (strong men throw watermelons). On top of that, Camp Sunshine in Maine is a beneficiary of theirs and again, focusing mainly on the family. Life is Good cares a lot about giving back to the community and people and continually upholds their belief in optimism.

Be sure to visit their website at for stores locations and an opportunity to browse their extensive selection and make some fab purchases!

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