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Organic To Go

The New Wave of Healthy and Delicious Dining

Organic To GoSince 2004, Organic To Go is the first and only fast causal café with USDA organic certification, and has rapidly expanded and gained popularity for its easy, fast, and delicious organic items. Not everyone has the luxury of driving to Whole Foods or going home to prepare an organic, healthy lunch, which is why Organic To Go makes it so much easier. Organic To Go is committed to organic agriculture and providing their customers with tasty, healthy food as all items are made with organic ingredients whenever possible and always chemical and preservative free. They offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and ready made entrees, including soups, sandwiches, wraps, and salads prepared daily. Organic To Go makes having an organic meal easy, affordable, and delicious. A handful of celebrities, like Kiefer Sutherland and Susan Sarandon, are big supporters of Organic To Go.

Founder and CEO, Jason Brown (also founder of Columbia Sportswear), is a true entrepreneur. His inspiration behind launching a business solely focused on providing organic food began with his own personal commitment to eating organic and healthy. Brown believed that that a catering, delivery, and café service should be able to provide food that is not only healthy, but just as tasty. While prices may appear a tad higher, that is owed to the fact that organic food costs more to grow, and the supply is low because it is not mass produced. The bottom line is you pay for what you get. The benefit of eating organic is that you “fill your body with clean fuel,” Brown says. All items are organic and can be made to be low calorie and low fat. Brown’s favorites include the Thai veggie soup, basil chicken chili, toasted turkey pepperjack on focaccia bread, and chicken Caesar wrap. With the self-serve salad bar and custom made sandwiches, customers can choose to have lunch made the way they like it.

Organic To GoSeasonal organic menus are created by their talented Culinary Director and Chef, Greg Atkinson. At Organic to Go, every soup I try becomes a favorite. The Thai Vegetable Soup is a deliciously flavorful and filling combination of green curry, coconut milk, tofu, carrots, onions, snap peas, basil, and rice. This is vegan and there is no cream or diary since the coconut milk adds both creaminess and a dab of sweetness. The Basil Chicken Chili is hearty and robust with lots of flavor from the fresh basil and chicken, and different varieties of vegetables and beans. Packed with ingredients, this resembles a stew, minus the oil and fat, so that it satisfies without being heavy. The Chicken Vegetable is their version of chicken noodle soup, with fresh, wide noodles, and plenty of carrots, celery, and chicken. The broth is natural with just the right amount of flavor from the chicken and vegetables, without being salty or over seasoned.

Organic To GoThey also offer fabulous pre-made sandwiches, like the Roasted Turkey with Havarti Dill, a filling portion of sliced turkey breast with mixed greens and creamy havarti, or their new Curried Chicken Salad with Mango Chutney. Unlike pre-made sandwiches sold elsewhere, theirs tasted fresh, and most importantly, the bread was not soggy, nor the meat dry. For those picky eaters, Organic To Go offers the option of creating your own sandwich in choosing from a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments. My creation, the Chicken Breast Focaccia sandwich with horseradish spread and mustard was beyond fabulous. The bread was soft as if just baked and the chicken was flavorful, moist and tender, unlike the dry variety that usually comes with chicken sandwiches. Their focus on the smallest details, from using spinach instead of iceberg lettuce, to cutting small slivers of red onion in lieu of large rings, is what makes Organic To Go stand apart. Select a sandwich, wrap, or salad, and make it a "lunch bag," which comes with natural chips, organic apple slices, Athena water, and a big homemade cookie.

Organic To GoTheir state of the art salad bar offers everything one could think of! Plenty of protein options like chopped turkey, chicken, and salmon. The turkey is moist and tender with a hint of black pepper and the chicken has a hearty oven roasted taste. The salmon is lightly seasoned and flavorful, which is great as a salad topping or light snack. The Chicken Caesar Wrap is generously stuffed with tender chicken and romaine with a creamy vegannaise sauce. Unlike other wraps, you can taste the difference with this soft tortilla, made with unbleached wheat flour and spinach. Organic To Go also offers half portions of their wraps called bites, like the Cobb Bite, with diced turkey breast, chopped hard boiled egg, greens, and diced bacon. Wholesome with all the good stuff, it makes a perfect snack! Or grab a snack box filled with hummus and pita, cheese and crackers, tuna salad, and more.

To satisfy your thirst, there is a diverse and unique selection of organic teas, sodas, coffee, and energy and specialty drinks. Their fresh squeezed orange or carrot juice is the best in town and works wonders if you are feeling sick. The organic raw Kombucha multi-green tea drink is slightly carbonated with flavors of nutty tea with a tangy aftertaste, and is power packed with essential vitamins, acids, and beneficial bacteria for your body.

Organic To GoOrganic To Go is the nation’s first fast casual organic café chain, with over 50 locations in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Seattle. They even have kiosks at various college campuses and LAX, offering healthy wraps, salads, and sandwiches for those always on the go. Over half of their business is comprised of catering for parties, meetings, and events. Organic to Go is “green” in everything from its biodegradable bags and containers to its low emission delivery trucks. Do your body a favor and grab a meal from Organic To Go today! Check for locations nearest you.

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