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Page Sargisson Jewelry

Page Sargisson Jewelry

Modern Mom Makes Mark with Textured Jewelry

Page Sargisson JewelryLaunched in 2004, Page Sargisson Jewelry is simple, clean, and modernly classic.  Designer and creator, Page, seeks out objects whose texture, shape and history inspire her and transforms such treasures into uniquely textured, handcrafted jewelry.  She creates all designs herself and her favorite materials consist of 10k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and pink and blue sapphires.  “Less is more” certainly applies here as her necklaces, earrings, and rings are effortlessly charming and perfect for everyday wear.  Page Sargisson also offers a collection for men, featuring unique calendar or casino cuff links, money clips, and wedding rings. 

Page grew up in an extremely creative household as she was always doing things with her hands.  She still possesses that tangible creativity today as she would knit in restaurants if her husband would let her.  While jewelry was once her creative outlet, she now directs that creativity towards knitting, needlepoint, and sewing clothes her for son, Harvest.  She has even knit her husband and son matching sweaters, to which her husband was both appalled and elated.  Even still, her friends often tease her for her industrious creativity yet inability to keep a clean house. 

Page attended Brown University and the Universita di Bologna.  She studied Art History and Architecture but never enrolled in a studio art class.  She was told to invest in a more “conventional” job because she was smart and as a result, she worked as a communications consultant at a biotech company in San Francisco.  During that time, she made jewelry for herself on the side, which later bloomed into a side business as people started asking to buy pieces.  “After mid-20 life crises and a move to New York, I thought I’d try to do it full time and here I am five years later!” Page says.  Once she moved to New York, Page began taking wax carving classes and slowly developed her jewelry from there.

Page Sargisson JewelryOne of her favorites is the Amalia Poppy, as it is one of her first designs and remains quite popular today.  This necklace features a 10kt gold disc pendant featuring a textured poppy design with five diamonds accenting its center.  This is also available in sterling silver and looks great with anything from jeans and a tee to a summer dress.  The Amalia collection comes from woodblocks she found travelling in India that were traditionally used for textile printing. Thinking outside the box, Page, worked out a method of translating the texture of the woodblock into metal and creating jewelry from it.  “This intricate texture runs across most of my jewelry and is what I am known for,” she says.  Amongst her travels, India holds a special place in her heart as the woodblocks she found there started her fascination with texture.  Her other favorite is Italy, which she tries to visit every year. 

Page Sargisson JewelryPage is always inspired by the world around her and things she finds.  Her Casino Chic collection was inspired by a rummage at a flea market when she found old casino chips and was instantly seduced by their luster.  “I immediately thought the craftsmanship would translate into beautiful jewelry,” she recalls.  Here, we have the Pink 20 Casino Chip, a lovely necklace featuring a vintage mother of pearl casino chip in soft pink with the number 20 in traditional font.  This chip Page Sargisson Jewelrycan also be personalized with a 10kt gold charm and semi-precious stone of your choice.  Page also adores her old casino chip with a tiger on it as well as the lilac from the Dahlia collection for its flirty fun and girliness.  Her favorite earrings also happen to be a Jessica Alba favorite.  She met Jessica early on, who has loved the Butterfly Earrings ever since.  These earrings feature a butterfly silhouette cutout and “look so fabulous with your hair showing through.” 

Page Sargisson has a huge fan base, including those of well-known actresses.  Christy Turlington bought a mini charm Page Sargisson Jewelrynecklace for her daughter while Jamie Lynn Siegler purchased a pair of earrings as well.  Page even recently custom designed letter charm necklaces for Courtney Cox and Demi Moore.  The mini charms are great because you can freely mix and match any combination of charms, from an anchor and key to a unicorn or lizard.  Featured here is the Mini Duck Charm in 10kt gold.  All charms can be accented with three diamonds or pink sapphires and can be ordered in silver.   

From her new Ledger collection, the Penny Saved Necklace is both modern and antique.  A sterling silver disc displaying its rich texture through Page Sargisson Jewelrycursive script across the face of the pendant.  It has the look of an antique coin while also possessing a contemporary design.  While Page tries to introduce new collections each year, she continues to sell her classics as people are continually drawn to them.  Currently, she is extremely excited with the changes in her business, from her rebranding and newly redesigned website to possibly moving her studio to Brooklyn.  Page Sargisson has a worldwide following and is a big hit in Japan as she did a trunk show at Barneys there.  She was thrilled to see so many women wear and love her designs.  In the states, Page Sargisson can be found at Moondance and Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Vis a Vis in Nantucket, and many more boutiques nationwide.  She hopes to introduce her line to more stores across the across and internationally.  For a complete list of retailers or to view and shop her collection, visit

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