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L.A.’s Shaman of Jewelry is a Rose by Any Other Name


RosearkKathy Rose, and her husband, Rick Rose, are the owners of Roseark, a fine-art and jewelry gallery which showcases delightful designs and fine jewelry from over a thousand talented different designers and artists.  Kathy designs her own line, Kathy Rose for Roseark, while both she and her husband design for the Roseark line.  They decided to open their own store, Roseark, in 2008, as a way to represent and showcase the incredible artists locally and nationwide, and to support art in having a “forum for creativity.”  Kathy and Rick christened their store with the name, Roseark, which came from combining their surname “Rose” with “ark”, symbolizing a ship, spiritual foundation, sailing forward, timeless, and forever moving.  Roseark features fine jewelry pieces from Jennifer Meyer, Jamie Wolf, Margery Hirschey, Brooke Gregson, Shiva Rose princess rings, and more.  

Kathy first started designing jewelry in 1995 and opened her own retail boutique in 2001, but has also pursued other areas of creativity throughout her life, such as acting and painting.  Creativity runs deep within her soul as she studied art history, theater arts, and psychology in college.  For Kathy, it was a given that she would have career in jewelry as she was always fascinated by gems, minerals, opals, garnets, and diamonds.  She always knew she wanted to do something in the arts since both her parents are artists and really encouraged her creativity.  As a child, she would flip through encyclopedias as “G” was her favorite and she would learn all about gems.  This passion translated into her life and fueled her desire to design and create beautiful fine jewelry.  Recently, in February 2010, Kathy was the first winner of Bravo’s hit television show, Launch My Line.  For her, it was incredibly rewarding as an artist and a designer.

Her designs have been spotted on the runway, in print, movies and television, and on numerous models and celebrities.  Kathy describes her style of jewelry as “the elegant warrior” working in rose gold and using favorite gemstones such as emeralds and diamonds.  Among her travels abroad, Egypt was the most influential for Kathy.  A lot of her inspiration was fired up in Egypt as she was so moved by the history and vibration of the land there.  Kathy also loved the lush palm trees of Malaysia and of course, is strongly influenced by Iran, its culture and art, as that is where she is from.  Her inspiration for her design ideas also comes from nature, spirit, and her two children.  She is more than just a jewelry designer, but also a wife, mother, and spiritualist.  

RosearkThe pieces designed by Kathy are unique from other jewelry designs because there is spirit and meaning behind each of her heirloom pieces, such as the snakes and eagles.  Her first and original designs are the Icicles and Snakes, which were both inspired by Egypt. From her cuffs, she adores her Snake Cuff, which is a Hollywood favorite among celebrities such as Madonna, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Zoe, and more.  We selected the Snake Cuff as an Editor’s Pick because such a delicate and tiny piece exudes such sensuality and presence.  Each hand-made gold cuff features an elegantly slender snake to wrap the arm with its head and beautifully crafted tail. There is an immediate sense of spirituality as soon as you put them on since they are meant to be molded to your arm and not taken off.  Available in rose, white, or yellow gold as well as sterling silver, the eyes are decorated with your choice of white or black diamonds.  This breathtaking cuff can also be accented with a pave diamond head and pave diamond tail. 

RosearkCelebrities everywhere own at least a piece or two by Kathy Rose.  Courtney Cox and Kate Hudson wear the Arrowhead Necklace, which is also one of Kathy’s personal favorites.  The hand crafted necklace features a one of a kind arrowhead, with its watercolor-like blend of natural colors, set in an eye-catching diamond frame.  The Icicle Earrings are also a celebrity favorite, as they have been spotted on Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, and others.  She receives a lot of custom design orders and is always more than Rosearkhappy to accommodate and design for her customers.  “That is actually my favorite, when a client and I collaborate and they trust that I will make them a medicine piece,” she shares.  Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, and others are huge fans of the Eagle Cuffs.  The Eagle Cuff is another one of our Editor’s Picks for its amazing display of detail in capturing the spirit and beauty of an eagle as the cuff as its head and tail grace your wrist.  The striking craftsmanship of the eagle head displays a perfect beak, textured head, and diamond eyes. 

RosearkThis menagerie of beautiful cuffs pair well together and are meant to compliment one another as they are gorgeous when stacked.  We also adore the Double Tail Cuff, which is similar to the eagle cuff, except both ends feature textured tails.  This cuff is absolutely stunning as the inside edges of the two tails are decorated with pave diamonds, which sparkle just enough to highlight the Rosearkbeauty of the tails.  You cannot help but feel protected and spiritually connected with nature with the snake, eagle, and double tail adorning your arm.  Not only is Kathy naturally talented and creative, but she possesses a big heart for people and is humble despite her overwhelming success.  Kathy and Rick are both very involved with giving back and participating in charity events such as Gulf cleanup, Habitat for Humanity, Carousel of Hope, Natural Resources Defense Council, and many more.  She was kind enough to share some of her other personal favorites, such as her Eagle Studs and the Double Eagle Ring. 

Kathy sells her collection through Roseark stores and on  In addition to the first original Roseark in West Hollywood, their Santa Monica location recently opened in July 2010.  In the next five years, Kathy and Rick will continue expanding their brand, line, and stores.  Her collection changes annually with new styles but continues to sell their classic and popular pieces. All jewelry is made in the United States.  Aside from the fact that she is extremely creative in designing both jewelry and fashion, she enjoys the simple pleasure in life.  In her spare time, she loves traveling, or simply reading or going to museums.  Her favorite artists are Gaudi and Goya, and she also loves architecture.  Kathy is always exploring new opportunities, which customers and readers can first hear about on and

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