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Sophia and Chloe Jewelry

Sophia and Chloe Jewelry

Feminine Designs with Symbol and Meaning

Sophia and Chloe JewelryNathalie Sherman is the designer and founder of Sophia and Chloe Jewelry, which she named after her two daughters.  Nathalie always wanted to make feminine and beautiful pieces that were very symmetrically balanced and beautifully made.  She takes care to ensure that her materials are of the highest quality and that there are no cracks on stones or off-balanced pieces.  In 2007, she decided to take manufacturing to another level by casting her own designs.  She started with her Beloved Charms and Signs of Good Life collections.  In her collections, all casted pieces possess a symbol within them, which she either creates or allows to be inspired by nature.  Sophia and Chloe Jewelry has been featured on The Bachelor, Launch My Line, and Dancing with the Stars.  She also custom creates more elaborate pieces for her brides or special occasions.  Jane Seymour is also a big fan and now has her own jewelry line. 

Nathalie was inspired to launch Sophia and Chloe Jewelry after having her daughter, as she could not work regular hours and sought something more creative.  She has always been creative and enjoyed doodling, making things, and creating as it runs in her family.  She always dabbled in making own jewelry in high school, and considered film, art, and law school after graduating from University of California San Diego in Communications.  She worked as a paralegal for almost ten years, and her desires and schedule changed after becoming a mom.  After she began making jewelry for own enjoyment, local stores found out and she began selling through them.  When she visited the Kalani Resort in Hawaii, she ended up selling everything she had as they were so impressed with her designs.  Her line currently has six collections: Signs of a Good Life, Divine Elements, Language of Bangles, Here Comes the Bride, Oh So Charming, and Haute New Baubles.

Nathalie is Moroccan and was born in Marrakesh, but came to the states in 1973.  A great deal of her inspiration is from the Moorish architecture and colors which she loves.  The Language of Bangles Collection is influenced by the Moroccan tradition of giving bangles for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions and is kept to travel between generations.  The bangles are meant to be previously worn and handed down to loved ones as Nathalie received Sophia and Chloe Jewelryhers at the age of ten from her mother. This collection is a compilation of her own heritage and the American style and all pieces are hand-made in the United States as Nathalie believes that is important.  The Fertility and Prosperity Bangle is a stunning bracelet featuring a lovely sheath of wheat curled delicately with intricate detail.  She created the wheat bangle as a symbol for fertility and prosperity.  Available in silver, gold, or rose gold plating, this bracelet can be worn alone or layered with other bangles.  Bangles are made of a solid silken bronze that does not bend. The PLH belt is also made of the same material and would never break. 

Sophia and Chloe JewelryThe Signs of a Good Life collection is famous for its PLH design, which stands for “peace, love, and happiness.”  We adore the PLH Medium Open Gold Vermeil Necklace as the letters P, L, and H are artfully hidden in the design and finished with a rosewood texture.  This pendant measures just over 1” and is made with 14k yellow gold triple dipped over solid silken bronze.  The chain is a gold filled double dainty dotted chain that adds a delicate accent to the overall piece.  The open silhouette of this design looks fabulous against any skin tone and over dark colored tops.  PLH is one of her favorites because of the power of the piece and how it resonates with people.  She created this collection because she wanted her own take on the peace sign and made a discreet design with the letters PLH to stand for “peace, love, and happiness.”  She is honored when her pieces are given as gifts as “it is your sentiment that you are giving them.”

Sophia and Chloe JewelryAlso from the same collection, are her signature teardrop Ohm designs, which she simply loves what it means and says.  Since she needed a teardrop shape in her line, she manipulated the ohm shape into the teardrop and it has been a favorite piece ever since.  We adore the Small Open Ohm Sterling Silver Earrings for its gorgeous design encompassing Nathalie’s own unique interpretation of the Om symbol in a teardrop form.  These small teardrop earrings are feminine and flirty and will be sure to receive compliments.  The Om is textured with a delicate floral pattern and the left and right side are mirror images to compliment the face.  Like most jewelry designers, Nathalie strives to come out with unique pieces, which is important but tough because everyone uses the same materials.  She struggles to come up with originality and while it is a challenge, she stays away from other people’s designs.  Nathalie directs her energy and creativity towards creating things that are important to her personally.  The idea of each piece being a symbol is so that it is not overt, but rather hidden and obscure. 

It is hard for Nathalie to pinpoint a favorite as all symbolic casted pieces are so personal to her.  She is excited about her new Buddha’s Kiss line because of the shape of its designs and the added special surprise inside.  Sophia and Chloe JewelryHer Home Bangle Bracelet is extremely important to her because it represents the home.  She also loves her Honey Bee Necklace as it is exchanged between family across the sea every year or so as a personal tradition.  The bee symbolizes creativity, wealth, diligence and eloquence and the clear cubic zirconia stones set in the antenna and body give it just the right amount of sparkle. Nathalie does everything herself with the help of an artisan that assists in manipulating metals and engineering designs that Nathalie dreams of in her head.  The Divine Elements Collection with its Divine Hoops or Jennie’s Fancy Earrings takes a skilled artisan to put something together. 

Nathalie loves working with 14k or 18k gold but uses sterling silver overlaid in gold to bring her pieces to more people through affordability.  She uses nothing but the best quality as a triple layer plating is the best you can get.  She uses gold-filled chains and of course can create anything in 14k gold upon request.  The bestsellers remain in her line while new pieces are added. Nathalie adores vintage jewelry, old Greek, Byzantine, and Moroccan jewelry.  Her use of manipulated metals are inspired by feminine fashion designs such as Monique Lhuillier.  In her travels abroad, her fondest memory was in 1988 when her husband took her to Marrakesh and bought her a bangle there.  She also have family that lives in Paris so she travels there quite often. 

In the next few years, she would like her bangle collection to be stronger than it is now. She currently has six bangles present that have sold very well because they have a life of their own.  Her goal is to add six more bangles and keep that line going while also expanding her other collections. Nathalie lives with her family in the beachy town of Encinitas in San Diego.  She loves to cook, spend time with her family and friends, enjoy the beach, do yoga and travel.  Sophia and Chloe Jewelry is sold at the Laguna Montage, Beverly Hills Montage, Fred Segal, Alice Grace in Francisco, and Fairen Del in Carlsbad, which is one of her favorite gift shops.  The full and complete collection can be purchased at

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