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Sweet Grass Farm

With so many brands and selections of soaps, lotions, and other various body products out there, it’s tough to know which ones promise high quality that will genuinely last.  Sweet Grass Farm offers a barnyard full of bath and body care products that uses down on the farm recipes to heal and pamper the body.  They pride themselves on using only the utmost natural ingredients, from food grade olive and coconut oils to fresh aromatic herbs.  You could call it organic beauty at its finest.  From the lovely coast of New Hampshire, they can ship all products right to your door, so be sure to check out their website at for great deals. 

Specializing in handcrafted soaps ($3) all made on location and aged with care, they come in a variety of scents such as Green Tea and Seaweed, Rose Orange Cinnamon, Rosemary Lavender, and Baked Apples and Cream.  These all-natural soaps are made from high quality vegetable oils, fresh spring water, essential oils, herbs, and nutrients to guarantee a lasting lather.  They glide smoothly while deeply moisturizing at the same time.  Treat yourself to a wash by choosing a yummy fragrance and feel the difference!  They also offer soap gift bags and sampler packs, along with other various bath accessories such as soap holders, scrubs, and brushes.   

Sweet Grass Farm offers their own Bath Syrup ($7.95), simply pure bath oil consisting of vegetable glycerin and absolutely no synthetic ingredients or chemicals, to ensure that your skin gets the softness and moisture it needs.  Its natural ingredients allow for oils to mix in with the water to thoroughly soak your skin in the pure bliss of lavender or vanilla.  If you want a more relaxing soak, try their Bath Salts ($5), spiked with baking soda, which not only relieves you of tension, but also conditions your skin.

With all the haphazard weather around the country, we could all use a little lip balm to protect our lips.  Chappy’s Lip Balms ($2.25) in peppermint, lemon, or strawberry are made with olive oil, beeswax, and lanolin to slick down those puckers with gloss and re-hydrate even the most chapped lips.

For you athletes out there, the ever so popularly requested Spring Chicken Muscle Rub ($6.95) is God sent.   This good old-fashioned home remedy is an all-natural concoction of Calendula oil (well proven to relieve inflammation, pain relief, and promote cell regeneration), cinnamon, and peppermint.  When you get those achy muscles or soreness all around that begs to be soothed and heated - look no further.    

Sweet Grass Farm also does wonders for the skin.  If you have dry hands, the Super Duty Hand Care ($4.95) is a must.  Specially created for a cranky Yankee friend with nagging cracked, dry hands, this salve containing lanolin and beeswax left him with healed hands.  While lotions only moisture the epidermal layer, these natural lavender and lemon oils seep into pores to soak in moisture and regenerate.  They come in palm size portable tins that make it handy when you’re on the go!

Aside from body care products, they also carry a vast selection of useful household items such as lavender detergent, furniture wax, sachets, and linen sprays.  So whether you may be looking for that special gift with an individual flavor or just searching for an unbeatable bath product to try, visit their website for more information. 

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