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Winterland Restaurant

San Fran’s Spot for Gourmet Food with Flair

Winterland is an exquisite gourmet restaurant that opened up two years ago in San Francisco and is known to locals through word of mouth and fantastic raves.  Don’t let the name throw you off because Winterland Restaurant is hot all year long!

The chef, Vernon Morales, is a graduate of San Francisco's California Culinary Academy, and has worked at top restaurants in Spain, in addition to renowned restaurants and hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and the Ritz-Carlton in New York.  He was honored with the Best New Restaurant in Philadelphia award and was recognized as Rising Star Chef by 

Owner, Georges Yazbek, followed his lifelong dream of finally opening a restaurant and impressed everyone with his flair for creative decor and a fantastic gourmet menu.  The posh setting, graced with modern art against the vibrant colors of the red velvet curtain and gunmetal gray walls speaks softly and hums with soft music just low enough for great dinner conversations.

Winterland has a tantalizing selection of cocktails.  The Ginger Blossom, made with fresh ginger, Pimms no. 1, cointreau, and prosecco, is served in a champagne flute with julienned ginger that keeps it is refreshingly light.  The Gin & Juice, splashed with fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and cranberry, is a simple, yet very yummy creation.  Their wine list picks are very complimentary with most dishes, with my favorite being the 2003 Elk Cove Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. 

Winterland RestaurantChef Morales invites us to dine daringly with sophisticated and unique delicacies from the menu, while also offering traditional favorites.  The menu consists of three parts; crudo, starters, and entrees, and changes seasonally, so there is always something new to try.  The Octopus Carpaccio with smoked paprika, mango, and sea beans, caught my eyes right instantly and proved to be amazingly much more tender and flavorful than the usual rubbery texture.  Drizzled with olive oil and spiced with smoked paprika, it reminded me of popular Spanish tapas dishes.  Another eye and mouth pleaser was the Baby Abalone and Sea Urchin, served in a martini glass with cucumber miso salad and yuzu granita.  The creaminess of the fresh, buttery sea urchin coats the thin and tender slices of abalone with each bite.  The Maine Sweet Shrimp Ceviche, comes with plump, sweet shrimp and chestnuts, and a silky avocado puree.

For starters, the Diver Scallop, is a seafood medley of goodness, with a plump, seared scallop softly seasoned with braised cuttlefish and crab, atop a coconut lobster broth, which gives flavor without drowning out its natural taste.  The Parsley Root Soup warms the soul, with braised bits of oxtail wrapped with tangy rhubarb, it has the consistency of a cream based soup without any dairy whatsoever. 

Winterland RestaurantThe Berkshire Pork Duo, is one of the most popular entrees that will always surely please.  The crispy belly has a delicate sheet of pork skin fried perfectly to a thin satisfying crisp that accentuates the flavor layered fat, which hugs the soft, juicy pork loin that is seared on the outside, while remaining lean and sweetly fragrant.  If you are in the mood for fish, the Roasted Monkfish and Oysters comes with savoy cabbage, jamon Serrano crisp, and Matelote sauce made with red wine and mushrooms.  The Lamb Loin “Sous Vide” is one of the most tender lamb dishes ever because its own juices are captured through a unique cooking method at Winterland.

For dessert, the menu also offers very unique and appetizing treats like spicy tomato sorbet or creamy avocado mousse.  Some notables on the menu are the Soft Chocolate Savarin Cake, which comes with roasted green tea ice cream or the French Toast Caramelized with Pomello peel marmalade & olive oil ice cream.  Winterland takes everything to the next level in being creative with their dishes and not stopping at the norm.

Winterland Restaurant also holds special events for holidays and wine and food tasting dinners.  Check periodically for the latest savory updates!

Winterland Restaurant
2101 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 563-5025

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