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von Natur

If I were granted one wish to change something about myself, it would most definitely be to have perfect, flawless skin.  While that may not be at the top of everyone’s list, I am sure we all would not mind having healthier and better-looking skin.  Success of the Von Natur mini day spa and retail store ( as a popular “must see” tourist attraction in Portland, Oregon brings us one step closer to perfect skin with their new line of facial beauty care. 

The pure essence of Von Natur specializes in certified Vegan and organic skin products, without animal testing.  Von Natur’s mission is to use natural, wild, and organic ingredients, absolutely 100% pure and unadulterated straight from the Earth’s ground to equally benefit everyone as well as our precious environment.    Chief formulator for Von Natur, Kayla Fioravanti, uses everything from vitamins, volcanic ash, tea tree oils, and waxes to pumpkin, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Simplicity is bliss!  Unlike other facial lines that display cleansers and toners to mix and match, Von Natur sticks to three simple products that knocks the others right off the sink!  Their cleansing crème, cucumber toner, and absolute serum gained such popularity that the spa decided to release these products nationwide.  The Exotic Cleansing Crème uses the very best ingredients from Mother Nature such as DMAE, Vitamin C Ester, exotic butters, organic oils and pure Jasmine to cleanse the skin.  This light cleanser foams evenly, not overly thick, but enough to lather and allow a thorough final rinse.  I could actually feel the difference on my skin after just a couple uses.  It stands apart from other cleansers that just coat the skin with soap, which can strip the skin and leave it dry.  Von Natur’s crème actually works as a cleansing agent to dig out the gunk within the pores while at the same time moisturizing the skin so you walk away feeling radiant and looking young. 

Their signature Cucumber Toner is made of cold pressed Cucumber Hydrosol.  Cucumbers are gifts from nature that epitomize freshness.  Comprised mainly of water, cucumbers have been used over many centuries as remedies for the skin and refreshing of the mind.  One drop alone with make you think green - the toner smells exactly like freshly sliced, chilled cucumbers.  Just apply with a cotton ball, and the toner will soak up dirt and wipe away grease.  No sticky leftover layers or heavily scented perfume.  It leaves the skin feeling just as it should be – clean, soft, and cool. 

Von Natur’s Absolute Serum is an exotic blend of Jasmine Absolute, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Niacidamide, DMAE, Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin A and CoQ10.  This serum will guarantee to moisture your skin and benefit new cell growth.  Smooth, not greasy consistency leaves your skin feeling supple and resilient.  The light peach colored cream glides smoothly on the skin with an air whipped consistency.  The scent is of airy Jasmine and roses mixed with fresh spring water, not overpowering at all. The serum works powerfully to moisturize through the pores and works so that the skin drinks in the serum to work from within.  As an added bonus, it’s conveniently packed in a small tube, making it easy to carry in your purse or leave in the car.

You may not be able to visit the spa in Oregon, but luckily you can now order their overwhelmingly requested beauty skin care line through their website at  We can all be confident in knowing that what we use for our skin is the very best for our planet and us. 

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